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Hatelistings are the opposite of fanlistings. I more than likely will not have near as many of these as I do fanlistings.

No One's Hero
Approved hatelisting for Sonny Corinthos from General Hospital

Approved hatelisting for Jason Morgan from General Hospital

Approved hatelisting for Bill Goldberg from the WWE

A Match Made In Hell
Approved hatelisting for Phoebe and Cole from Charmed

Stop the Hate
Approved  hatelisting for hatred against wrestlers wives

Captain Pain
Approved  hatelisting for the Nick Payne from The Bold and the Beautiful

Chemistry Challenged
Approved hatelisting for the pairing of Nick and Brooke from The Bold and the Beautiful

Should of Stayed in the Television Vault
Approved hatelisting for the show Dark Shadows

It Truly Is A Horror Show
Approved hatelisting for The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Mob Family
Approved upcoming hatelisting for Sonny and Carly from General Hospital

Approved upcoming hatelisting for Jason and Courtney from General Hospital

Approved upcoming hatelisting for Carly from General Hospital